Unsure of the new COVID-19 rules at your premises ?

The world is always changing and security tactics must adapt to accommodate these changes. Nobody could anticipate such drastic changes to normality as you and your business have been tasked with the challenge of overcoming.

Let us take care of the hard work, by offering highly skilled and affordable solutions to covid awareness and social distancing enforcement. With our highly trained, professional team.

This gives you the peace of mind thst your venue will adhere to the ever changing licensing and government guidelines, and your premises is in the safest of hands, to make your venue the most accommodating for both staff and customers alike.

Let us save 2020 and make every year to follow the most profitable and professional yet.


Worried about what to do or how to handle COVID and its guidelines.

We have a team which tirelessly keeps on top of these regulations and develops appropriate risk assessments to meet our client demand.

Understanding what’s right for your venue can be a daunting task in itself. It’s why we offer our COVID consultancy to save you the headache.

We’ll visit your place of work, evaluate the foot traffic (potential), carry out a site survey and create an effective plan which helps you get the correct amount of people in your store/pubs, ensuring your customers are well protected throughout their time with you.

Be sure to get in touch for more information.

Reasons to use our services

Don't fall foul of the new rules

We’ve seen some large companies fall foul to the new guidelines.

As experts in crowd dynamics and risk mitigation, we can safely say we’ll support your venue in meeting the standards and trading

Be compliant, as well as still efficient.

See immediate results for your security venue!

Compliance is key. 

Ensuring your premises is adhering to the guidelines is vital to a successful reopening and a healthy start into late 2020.

Every venue we work with is entirely compliant with some happy clients/customers to add.

Jake is a top quality personnel! My first encounter with him happened while I was working in Glow Rooms as a Bartender, he's ensured all the time that me and my colleagues were safe and secured. Every time I was just left thrilled how fast and responsible he and his team were when they had to deal with disrespectful customers during their shifts. A part from being a fantastic manager and a colleague one could wish for, Jake is a great and reliable friend. When I had a problem and referred to him, he always could come up with a helpful solution and brighten up my day! Definitely would recommend to get in touch if you want a reliable and professional security management or a business partner with broad experience in the area!

Toma MadanskyBar Staff

EI Security offered me what many other security companies couldn't, an experienced team of Door Supervisors. Aside from their experience, their customer service is second-to-none.

I also asked them to write up a risk assessment for my venue and within a few days, they managed to bring me a very detailed assessment with no discrepancies.

Highly recommend Jack and the guys.

Michael TVenue Manager

I was fortunate enough to be able to observe Jake in his role from close quarters on many occasions.
He was always on top of the job, agile in his thinking and action and always polite and courteous with customers.
Jake was highly regarded by his employer and staff as well as with the management of the venues that he looked after.
A great all-round professional.

Mark Cullingnan- Lancaster City Council Chief Executive. July 2000 - 2016