We at EI Security will never shy from our roots, with years of experience in management and frontline door supervision with some of the largest companies, supplying the largest venues. We know how to deliver an impeccable service to clients.


We pay our staff a higher rate than our competitors. We offer continued support and training for staff and we guarantee that the service will be delivered with a smile, by our courteous and welcoming door team.

Whilst also offering the reassurance of protection to your assets, customers and staff with all our staff being highly trained to diffuse potentially violent situations and physically intervene legally, safely and effectively should the situation arise.


Thus offering you the ideal door staff for your venue. Polite, courteous and professional. Yet highly trained to deal with the unavoidable altercations that may arise.


Whether your business is a retail outlet, or a nightclub, it is imperative that your business is kept safe during its hours of operation. Now, more than ever these uncertain times, it’s important to make sure that you are doing enough to ensure the protection of your staff, customers and also your reputation.

One of the best ways to ensure that your business is protected is to employ the most effective form of security there is; human security! Even if your company has the latest CCTV technology on the market, it’s still no match for the effectiveness of a professional team of door supervisors who are able to instantly react to unknown variables in any given situation such as irrational behaviour, theft of stock or damage of property.

At EI Security, our team work hard and smart to ensure that nobody will be able to enter your premises unless they have clear access in which to do so at any entry or exit point on site.

Reasons to use our services

Why use our professional door supervisors?

With our team of professional door supervisors, you can rest assured that there will always be a dedicated security presence on site at your location. CCTV alone cannot reprimand criminals, and only goes so far as acting as a deterrent.

Our solid, dependable and well-presented team will be in place to ensure that there will always be someone on-site that can be trusted to take control whatever the situation calls for.

EI Security will make sure that nobody will get in our out of our building, whilst maintaining a calm and professional attitude at all times.

Be more efficient by using our services

See immediate results for your security venue!

When it comes to commercial venues, bars, clubs and events, creating a professional look is very important for customer confidence. The presence of door security will instantly create a solidly professional environment.

Our door supervisors wear smart and professional dress at all times, and their presence will ultimately deter people from causing a scene, and stop people who would otherwise want to damage your property.

Make sure you make the right choice, and hire EI Security to create the right impression, whilst giving you a secure perimeter from professionals who always look the part.



Jake is a top quality personnel! My first encounter with him happened while I was working in Glow Rooms as a Bartender, he's ensured all the time that me and my colleagues were safe and secured. Every time I was just left thrilled how fast and responsible he and his team were when they had to deal with disrespectful customers during their shifts. A part from being a fantastic manager and a colleague one could wish for, Jake is a great and reliable friend. When I had a problem and referred to him, he always could come up with a helpful solution and brighten up my day! Definitely would recommend to get in touch if you want a reliable and professional security management or a business partner with broad experience in the area!

Toma MadanskyBar Staff

EI Security offered me what many other security companies couldn't, an experienced team of Door Supervisors. Aside from their experience, their customer service is second-to-none.

I also asked them to write up a risk assessment for my venue and within a few days, they managed to bring me a very detailed assessment with no discrepancies.

Highly recommend Jack and the guys.

Michael TVenue Manager

I was fortunate enough to be able to observe Jake in his role from close quarters on many occasions.
He was always on top of the job, agile in his thinking and action and always polite and courteous with customers.
Jake was highly regarded by his employer and staff as well as with the management of the venues that he looked after.
A great all-round professional.

Mark Cullingnan- Lancaster City Council Chief Executive. July 2000 - 2016